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HTM 2020/2021 – Medical
Gas Pipe Line.

HTM 2020/2021 – Electrical
Safety codes for high &b low
Voltage system.

Wired to the current IEE
Regulations & BS7971

Medical Gas Alarm
CE marked


Surgeon’s control panel has been designed to cope with changing technology and equipment in operating environments. It is designed to be user friendly and ease of operating and maintaining purpose.
The unique modular Membrane panel can be configured to incorporate all the services that theatre staff require:
  • Timing devices
  • Medical gas alarm (as per HTM 2022)
  • Isolation monitoring
  • Environmental control
  • Communication / Data
  • Electrical control
The membrane concept system consists of tile formats which when used with the range of MPS PCB’s. The fascia is made of superior quality UV resistance membrane with sterilisable feature. The membrane backing is made of 2.5mm thick aluminium that is rust resistance.
All high voltage equipment is installed in a separate enclosure. Customer could select own text to be inserted into the fascia for ease of identification at own conveniences. Standard color offered is RAL 9002 for the frame & membrane fascia.
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