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HTM 2020/2021 – Electrical
Safety codes for High & Low
Voltage System.

DIN 4799 – Testing of Air
Distribution System Serving

Wired to the current IEE
Regulations & BS7971

This system is very common Since

1960’s-70’s particularly for joint

replacement surgeries.

Laminar flow or plenum box supplied with conditioned air from the central system via “S” class HEPA FILTERS ,mounted on the exit from the supply ducting.

HEPA FILTERS shall be factory tested & certified. Test sealed must be provided in the filter housing in accordance with DIN 1946 & DIN 4799. The ceiling shall be incorporate supports to secure it to the main structural frame of the modular operating theater . The ceiling shall be constructed from 1.60mm aluminum sheet & the insulated using nitryle rubber & aluminum cladding. Air shall be diffused into the theater uniformly over the total area.

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