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Operating theatres need to be protected from the ingress of airborne contamination to maintain the air in a clean and sterile condition.
Suitably sized air pressure relief damper strategically placed, enable differential room pressures to be maintained and ensure that when doors are operated between clean and dirty areas there is sufficient air flow through the open door to prevent cross contamination.

Medical Product Services is using the counter – weight balancing system provide a number of features and benefits to consultants ,contractors and users unmatched b any other design. It could be adjusted to suit minor variation in terms of pressure differential or air flow in the theatre.
Air pressure stabilizers have the unique capability of controlling differential pressure to close tolerances .They remain closed at pressures below the set pressure and are fully open at pressures only fractionally above the threshold pressure .
All the dampers has been factory set and tested to match the actual operating conditions. It is easy to use ,install and maintenance free product along with higher quality finish.
MPS will provide all the selection criteria and act as a solution provider to its customers .
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