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Line Pressure Alarm


Alarm body is made out of powder coated MS sheet of 18 gauge size.Box size:- LxWxH 12”x7”x4”.Test function is provided in the Line Pressure Alarm system to test the audio-visual indicators. On pressing the Test Button, all the emergency indicators i.e. the High and the Low indicators start glowing along with a beep alarm. This test is performed for 5 seconds and after that it comes back to its previous position. Alarm has provision to install upto 6 no. of gases. Mute Function is provided for switching off the beep alarm whenever it blows. The system is provided with a timer, which allows the beep alarm to restart after 10 minutes of pressing the mute button. LED window size 10mmx20mm. Complies with HTM 2022 Std.

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