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Fully Automatic Control Panel With Alarm


Manufactured under an ISO 9001 : 2000 certified works. Control Panel cover made of M.S. duly powder coated. Compact and fully automatic manifold control system for O2, N2O and CO2 services. Easy to maintain and use. Designed with both safety and continuity of flow supply at a constant pressure via two banks of bottled gas cylinders with following status monitoring. A-Bank in use (Green Indication).B-Bank ready for use (Yellow Indication).C-Empty Bank (Red Indication).Control Panel has build in LED display to indicate Normal, High & Low line pressure. It has facility to test all above indicators working perfectly. The control Panel includes pressure gauge (63 mm) to indicate the gas pressure of each header and pipe line distribution pressure. Capable to provide a distribution flow rate in excess of 1500 LPM.The control panel incorporate safety puncture in case pressure exceeds 100 Psi.In case of failure of electronic as well pneumatic system, control can be used manually through by pass system.




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