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Specifications Of Hermetical Sealed Door
Open Single
Fixing Extemal
Weight OF Door 120kg Below
Weight OF Door 700-1300mm
Motor Dc24V 55W Motor Without Brush
Speed Of Open 15-50 Cm /s (Adjustable)
Open Time D-8s (Adjustable)
Half Open Function Adding The Adjustable Conntection Half-Open
Force By Hand 39 N Below 42N Below
Colising Function Rebound Under The Coliding
The MPS product line has been developed to fulfill the strictest present and future requirements The product range MPS developed ,tested and manufactured in house. They can be used in areas where the control of air pressure and hygiene is important. :
  • Operating rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms
  • Factories making hi – tech & pharmaceutical products
    Touch less Wall Switch  

The MPS sliding door uses Medical products Services intelligence Door Tech, an intelligent control system based. The doors are safe, reliable, robust, easy to clean and conform to all the standards . MPS doors are available in various constructions with or without automatic closing device.

The Medical Products Services operating theatre has been designed & build to suit many modern equipment as :
  • Air / Light Ceiling
  • Pendants
  • OT Lights
  • OT Doors
  • OT Control Panel
  • X-Ray viewer
  • Electrical equipment
  • Storage System
  • List board-electronic
  • Pressure Relief dampers
  • OT Table
  • Exhaust System
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