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Zonal Valve Box


Adopter having opening by quarter turn of handle. The valve will be eumatically tested for twice the working pressure and degreased for medical gas service before supply. Valve boxes will be equipped with components for shutting off and supervising individual /parts of central systems in hospital, laboratories and the like. They will be allowed the ward staff to allow isolating of the areas for maintenance and repair work. The pressure monitoring of the distribution system is done by pressure gauges. In case of emergency the door can be glass break opened or by un-locking using the key.


The configurations of Valve boxes are described
5 Services – O2, N2O, Air-4, Air-7, Vacuum (15, 15, 15,15,22mm)
4 Services – O2, N2O, Air, Vacuum (15, 15, 15,22mm)
3 Services – O2, Air, Vacuum (15, 15,22mm)
2 Services – O2, Vacuum (15,22mm)

Valve box will be made of M. S. duly powder coated with pressure gauges and isolation valves will be of reputed make non lubricated 90 degree turn lever stainless steel half valves with PTEF seat , suitable for the size of copper pipe dia with screw threaded ends and brass .
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