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Operating Theatres are desired to conform to the Health Service standard HTM 2025, This standard is adopted by many health authorities around the world. MPS OT design – pre-fab. concept has ease of transportation ,installation ,testing & commissioning of the omdern operating theatres.It is a design & build feature that has large number of technical expertise and know-how.

With the stand alone steel support or wall – mounted system MPS Theatre has been built to suit many modern operation theatre application .The wall panel is using first class electrolyzed steel with no joint finish after installation.

All the sharp edges and corners have been radius to avoid   bacterial contamination  and   better  flow   of air / light  system  in   the  theatre. The   sterilisable Coating finishes along with antistatic flooring system have  the  advantages over  the  other modern OT concept.

The Medical Products Services operating theatre has been designed & build to suit many modern equipment as :
  • Air / Light Ceiling
  • Pendants
  • OT Lights
  • OT Doors
  • OT Control Panel
  • X-Ray viewer
  • Electrical equipment
  • Storage System
  • List board-electronic
  • Pressure Relief dampers
  • OT Table
  • Exhaust System
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